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Africa School Building Project

School Building Project In Africa For $15,000

Here is how you can build a school in Africa for $15,000 each:

Children Global Initiative is raising funds to build schools in underserved and rural Africa where there have never been a school for 30 years, no electricity and no running water  for just $15,000 per school to increase access to quality education in East Africa. Why? Because education more than any other sector of development, seeds dramatic improvement in poverty reduction, gender parity, health outcomes, child immunization, HIV/AIDS prevention, environmental protection, and wildlife conservation leading to prosperous, peaceful and sustainable future.


We provide the financing and building materials, the residents in Uganda do the construction. The school will be staffed with Ministry of Education teachers. We want to build 100 schools in underserved and rural communities of Uganda. Our school include classrooms, teacher offices, toilets, handwashing stations, water systems and solar power.

We will partner with other groups like schools, churches, businesses, other institutions, and individual like you and me to raise the funds to build schools. In the United States it cost $20million to build a school while we are building a school for just $15,000 each.

For now Children Global Initiative has chosen to focus on Uganda because it struggles with one of the worst education systems in East Africa. Our solution is to systematically develop community schools in rural areas for education access and providing safety net for children who face dismal future without access to school.


The civil war in Uganda ruined the infrastructure lay, schools were destroyed or non-existent, and an entire generation has grown up unable to read and write. We are building schools in rural areas where they have not been schools for 30 years or destroyed and some villages never had a school, no electricity or running water. The task of rebuilding is so enormous when a country is destroyed. 


Our vision

 is to work together to rebuild lives, communities, and education system in rural areas of Uganda. 


It’s a very simple partnership:-)

  1. The community provides oversight and labor, the beauty is that the school belongs to them, and they have ownership and investment.

  2.  The Ministry of education provides and pays the teachers as an effort to jumpstart the educational system. these kids would not have been in schools for years to come without outside assistance.

  3.  In addition to raising money, we build special relationships with the local people. 

  4. We will engage volunteers to participate in both building schools and teacher training workshops, take pictures and share them with donors and kids to see the schools they are building.

  5. We will get involved with a number of schools here in the US and around the world. The kids and parents can get involved to raise money to build schools and to send shipping containers filled with school supplies and clothing. You can get engaged when you see the money you raise is making a difference


Over the next 10 years Children Global Initiative wants to impact 100,000 students, building 250 schools, and work to help the schools provide the best learning environment in rural Uganda.

people who have known us or people who have traveled to Uganda are touched by the story and the need and want to make a difference. 

Exciting partnerships will unfold, with a plan to provide training and materials to educate about life skills, literacy and the prevention of AIDS. 

Contributions to Children Global Initiative can be made via its webpage at

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