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Planned Giving.

What, when, and how you give makes a difference to both you and the children we serve.

Explore your many planned giving options, including some you may not have considered before. Use stock, real estate, retirement assets, life insurance policies, or your estate plan to transform lives. You can even make a gift that provides you with payment for life.

Wills and Bequest

Many of our partners have chosen to include Children Global Initiative in their estate plan so they can continue to help build a brighter future for children even after they are gone. By making a "gift of a lifetime" in this way, you too can continue to bring hope to children even after your lifetime. To ensure your ongoing impact long into the future, you can:

Include a bequest to Children Global Initiative in your will or Revocable Trust
Designate Children Global Initiative as a beneficiary of your Retirement Assets IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or pension
Name Children Global  Initiative as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy


Sign the appropriate paperwork making Children Global Initiative a beneficiary of your will, trust, insurance or retirement assets [ See Example of bequest language]


Maintain control of your assets during your lifetime
Make a significant gift to Children Global Initiative and designate how it should be used.
Have the flexibility to modify your bequest if your circumstances change.
Experience the satisfaction of knowing you can continue to help children even after you are gone.
Reduce your taxable estate by the amount given to Children Global Initiative

Assets Gifts

"You can  do something more" 

"You can gift property or even part of a business and designate how you want it used." Your gift will be  providing help to children and families in need.

Assets Gifts

Gifts that Provide Income


If you want to bring hope to children, but need to maintain income from an asset you would like to give to Children Global Initiative, a life income gift may be a perfect solution. These gift plans allow you to receive payments (for life or a period of years) from assets you donate today. Afterward, remaining funds are used by Children Global Initiative for the purposes you designate. You can use these plans to increase income, reduce taxes, diversify holdings, and create lasting change for children and communities.

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