A pledge is a signed and dated commitment to make a gift over a specified period, generally two or more years, payable according to terms set by the donor and accepted by Kikwiyakare Global Initiative. Pledges must be documented by a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the donor and countersigned by the  President of Kikwiyakare Global Initiative. Pledges for $1,000,000 or more are also countersigned by the President of Kikwiyakare Global Intiative. Pledge documentation is to include:

  • Name of donor

  • Name of gift (if applicable)

  • Pledge amount

  • Payment schedule (amounts and dates due)

  • Type of gift (i.e. current use fund; endowed fund)

  • Purpose of gift

  • Authorizations (i.e. publicity and donor recognition)

  • Other information as applicable (i.e. additions to fund; change of the fund's use should stated purpose no longer be possible)

In general, pledges for major gifts should not exceed five years. Exceptions for very large or unusual gifts may be made by the Gift Acceptance Committee.


For more information, please contact Jordan Lynn