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Imagine for a moment, a situation where, through no fault of your own, your child was denied basic education. Imagine your daughter not attending school because there are no toilets. Imagine entire generations of your family being born into bonded labor, with no hope of breaking free. Imagine sending your child to bed hungry. Not as some Victorian form of discipline, but because you, as a parent, were unable to earn the money required to provide for your family. Imagine this alternative reality and now imagine being powerless to change it.

A nightmare when you picture it, isn't it? This, however, is the harsh reality, faced by millions of underprivileged children and their families in Africa and around the world. Even today; everyday, millions of children are denied their right to education. They are forced to work as labourers to support their family's economic conditions. Girls still become brides at the age of 14. And an estimated number of children are trafficked, abused and exploited.  It is to tackle and change this grim reality Children Global Initiative  exists today.

We, at Children Global Initiative , believe that children are rightful citizens who are entitled to have same rights as any other individual. We do not believe in charity. We do not run schools, orphanages or dispensaries. Instead we partner grassroots-level NGOs working with children, their parents and communities.

After several years of research, we have learnt that resources have little to do with it. In over hundreds of rural and tribal villages, we have witnessed transformational change. All it takes is communities to be aware of their rights and then, come together to ensure them. Not just by enrolling children in schools but by addressing the root causes that keep them hungry, illiterate, exploited and abused. Causes like gender, caste, livelihoods and displacement.

To put it briefly, we aim to amplify the voices of children, and their struggle for survival. Through our efforts, we seek to effect change that will ultimately stop the vicious circle of poverty, hunger, discrimination and the lack of access to healthcare and education. Our endeavour is to bring about a sustainable or lasting change to ensure that every child, regardless of race, religion or background, has a fulfilling and enriching childhood.

Millions of children have no access to education, work long hours under hazardous conditions, are forced to serve as soldiers in armed conflict, or languish in institutions or detention centers where they endure inhumane conditions and assaults on their dignity. Young and immature, they are often easily exploited. In many cases, they are abused by the very individuals responsible for their care. We are working to help protect children around the world, so they can grow into adults.

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