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Music Against Child Poverty Campaign



The Music Against Child Poverty Campaign is a campaign, that calls on musicians to dedicate concerts and songs to raise awareness around the fight against child poverty.


It brings together and calls on orchestras, choirs, conductors, musician organizations and musician bodies, youth musicians and unionists in the world of music, musicians of all genres, worldwide, adult, youth, professional and amateur to dedicate one concert or song to the struggle against child poverty.


The campaign also asks musicians to compose songs for the cause, helping spread the message beyond the political context.


Music in all its form is a universal language. The Initiative is inspired by the power of music to communicate to wide audiences. Experience shows that involving socially excluded children in structured musical activity and education can help protect them from child poverty. Good music and arts education helps makes schools more attractive and child friendly.

Although we sing in every tongue, it also expresses emotions we cannot say in words. It links us all. Together, the world of music can raise its voice and instruments against child poverty. Join us in telling audiences and the world that child poverty must not be tolerated, that children have a right to play and learn. Join our "call to batons".

Music can strike a powerful chord against child poverty and for social justice, raising public awareness and inspiring people to act

Join the Music against Child Poverty Campaign. Join us in showing the Red Card to Child poverty

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