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Children Global Ambassador.

Become a powerful voice for Global Initiative

As a Children Global Initiative Ambassador, you choose as active role in advocating for an alternative approach in combating the worldwide problems facing children throughout the world and raising resources to achieve our vision..

Through the Global Initiative Ambassador program, philanthropic donors and volunteers, like you, help raise awareness and generate funds for a variety of children’s issues.


Not everyone can make a large donation, but everyone ranging from teenager to adult can make a difference.
Participation for everyone varies, that’s of s why Global Initiative offers many different levels of Ambassadorship:

  • promoting Children Global Initiative on your social media pages

  • supporting our programs

  • making a donation- one-time or recurring

  • setting up a personal donor page

The time is now


  • Annual Meeting
    Ambassadors participate in an annual meeting as a means of building relationships, keeping abreast of program needs, and gathering current information for distribution throughout the year.


  • Promotion & Recruitment. 
    Our ambassadors are the key to expanding our program and reaching beyond to have a greater impact.  We will work with you to identify opportunities to promote The Children Global Initiative program and the Ambassador program.


  • Personal Commitment. 
    Each of our Ambassadors makes a personal commitment to raise awareness and support for Children Global Initiative programs. This can be done through any combination of efforts that you find convenient and appropriate.  The Children Global Initiative will provide assistance to help you be successful in your effort.  However, all funding must flow through the accounting system of Children Global Initiative


  • Term of Service. 
    Consistency is the key to long-term success.  Ambassadors are not committed or limited to a specific time frame and can dedicate the number of years that they feel appropriate to this program. 


  • Stewardship.  
    Our Ambassadors agree to positively and accurately represent and support The Children Global Initiative through their efforts, good faith work and by familiarizing yourself with the work of the organization. 


  • Representative. 
    As an Ambassador you are a public relations representative of the organization and must uphold a high level of compassion, dedication and integrity per the vision of the foundation.  Please confirm periodically with  Children Global Initiative that the information you have on hand is conveying the most current and correct information.

Sign Up to Be an Ambassador Today


Register below to become Children Global Ambassador. Children Global Initiative will contact you to learn how you want to get involved in helping us achieve our vision or email at

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