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What Makes Children Global Initiative Different From Other Ngos

What sets Children Global Initiative apart from other not-for-profit organizations?


We are independent. Our agenda is not determined by political will or donor ideology.


We work for underprivileged Children.


We believe in the philosophy of partnership and implement this in all our relationships with project holders, volunteers, donors and well-wishers.


Program planning, monitoring and evaluation are done on a participatory basis.


Volunteer action is at our core..
Children Global Initiative has impeccable standards of accountability and transparency, and has developed highly effective planning, monitoring and evaluation systems that are applied to each of the projects that we fund.


We have an experienced, committed Board of Trustees that sanctions each initiative supported by Children Global. All our trustees are professionally qualified.


Our approach is inclusive. We provide an opportunity for everyone to participate in this movement for children rights within the context of their own lives.


We are scrupulous about observing the highest standards of accountability and transparency.


We recognize the importance of events as opportunities to reinforce credibility, enhance image, increase awareness levels, create media excitement and raise resources.

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