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Donate Crypto

Join Children Global Initiative by donating cryptocurrency and make an important
difference for vulnerable children.

We accept Bitcoin and more than 70 cryptocurrencies through The Engiven, a
platform that processes crypto donations for nonprofits. Use the widget above to
make your donation:

Under “Select Your Crypto” select the type of crypto to donate from the


Enter your donation amount in the crypto of your choice or USD.


Fill out your name and address (optional) and enter an email address where
you would like to receive a tax receipt.


Make your gift!
Cryptocurrency donations will be automatically converted to dollars for immediate
use to support communities around the world.

Your cryptocurrency donation is tax-deductible. The IRS classifies cryptocurrency
donations as property, meaning they are not subject to capital gains tax and are tax-
deductible. Cryptocurrency donations to 501c3 charities receive the same tax
treatment as stocks.

Together we will make sure no child stand alone

As a donor, you are a force multiplier in our efforts. Thank you for joining the global community of people dedicated in making the world a better place for children.

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