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Fundraising Drive

Fundraising Appeal for Children in East Africa

We are launching a fundraising appeal to raise $100,000 to help support the needs of the poorest children in East Africa whose voices are drown in the world stage.


These poorest children are facing merciless abuse and helpless and homelessness with no food facing extreme hunger, malnourished with dry skin, swollen stomach & ribs, they all worn out bodily, mind and soul, no medications and latrines, outbreaks of malaria, cholera, scabies and diarrhea and nodding disease is spreading rapidly. Some with swollen foot, walk naked or half naked with no clothing, no hope for education and sexually abused.

No drinking water and fetch dirty rain water on the ground. They have no clothes, shoes, bed sheets, mattresses and they walk half naked. They are traumatized and psychologically affected


Northern Uganda is the poorest part of the world with more than 60% of the children are orphans without one or both parents and living in orphanages, churches and the local community cannot afford to support them.

Urgent needs:

 Food, medicines, blankets, clothing’s, clean drinking water, cups, eating plates, cooking pots and water containers, Books, pens, pencils, school uniform, shoes, school desk, building classrooms.


The Target Goal: $100,000

Is to raise to provide the urgent basic and humanitarian needs above to these Children.

Personal Appeal:

I kindly appeal directly to you, students, mothers, fathers and every professional in every field to unite and support these children with your little donation of any amount you can afford to offer with great love from your heart in terms of $ 5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $ 200, $500 or $1,000 to enable us raise $100,000. Your support will change their lives and make great differences.


Your commitment and pledge will leave a legacy in the lives of this vulnerable children whose future depends on each one of us. Join today and be counted

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