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Children Global Initiative Pledge.

Before anything else, I am a human being. As are these little children. The rights I enjoy are theirs too. They have a right to a home and family, education, healthcare, play time and protection from being exploited. Most of all, they have the right to be children.
A right they are denied, for no fault of theirs. And so, I pledge to do whatever I can, in my own way, to fight for their right to have a childhood. With my skills, with my resources, with my heart, I will fight for them because I can and they can't

While most people will probably find it easiest to donate the $1 through our website, checks can also be mailed to:

Children Global Initiative
P. O Box 1877
Richmond, VA 23218

If you have any questions about how to join this campaign, please reach out to Apiyo Lucy

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