Start a partnership with Kikwiyakare Global Initiative


Kikwiyakare Global Initiative has experience of working in corporate partnerships, we understand what makes partnerships succeed.


Your company will be assigned an experienced Corporate Account Manager to maximize the impact and effectiveness of the partnership.


Partnering with Kikwiyakare Global Initiative provides corporations the opportunity to increase company exposure and enhance their brand while making a global impact in the life of children around the world. When contemplating an alliance with a member of the business community, we apply the following guiding principles: a philosophy of partnership, a communications strategy with a joint call to action, along with measurement goals, tracking and evaluation. To ensure our partnerships are mutually beneficial, our Global Development Team evaluates each inquiry based on our partnership criteria. We request all inquiries be submitted online.


To start a corporate partnership with Kikwiyakare Global Initiative, please contact Kikwiyakare Global Initiative Team.All inquires should be made online







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