Gifts of Real Estate


You can turn your real property into a life changing gift for the world's children.

Consider donating

  • Residential property: homes, vacation homes, and condos

  • Farmland or ranch

  • Commercial or rental property

  • Undeveloped land


You can donate real estate in a variety of ways:

  • Make an outright gift

  • Give a fractional interest in a property

  • Use the property to fund a gift that pays you income

  • Donate your home today and continue living in it for your lifetime.



  • Receive an immediate income-tax deduction for the fair market value of the real estate, regardless of the cost basis. *

  • Avoid capital gains tax on transferred appreciated property. *

  • Preserve cash: eliminate the expenses and responsibility of owning property you no longer wish to maintain.

  • Bring hope to future generations of children

     *The double tax break helps you make a larger gift at a lower cost.


How you make a gift of real property

Your real property may be gifted to World Vision by executing or signing a deed transferring ownership. You may deed part or all of your real property to World Vision. Your gift will generally be based on the property's fair market value, which must be established by an independent appraisal.

Note: As with all gifts of real estate, Kikwiyakare Global Initiative must review and approve the transfer.


Can you make a gift of mortgaged property?


Please send us email. if the property you wish to give has existing debt or a mortgage. Check with us on the capital gains tax implications of your gift.


Contact Us for More Information

If you have any questions about making a gifts of real estate, please send us email.