Global Management Consult


Global Management Consult is to strengthen non profit for extraordinary performance and impact by developing communities through pro bono management consulting services, professional development, workshops and conferences, in-depth research, engagement with non profit organizations


Global Management Consult  has a multi-faceted team of dedicated professionals, business executives, consultants all working together to help non-profit organizations achieve their goals and reach higher levels of effectiveness and impact. Each of our team members is an expert in their respective field, by working together we create a powerful synergy for our clients.


We are home to a variety of skills, experiences and knowledge coming together to provide resources and direction for your organization.


By providing strategic business consulting services at no cost to nonprofits, Global Management Consult  seeks to fill that gap from the ground up by enabling organizations to redefine what success means. Consultants are trained in unique consulting processes geared toward the nonprofit community and provided the resources and skill set to not only meet client expectations, but exceed them.Global Management Consult is not an organization of theory and case studies; members work with real clients to develop solutions to real problems.


Our mission is to provide nonprofits and foundations with the expertise needed to build sustainable communities throughout the world





  • Board development,

  • Fund development

  • Strategic planning

  • Executive  coaching

  • Human resources management

  • Organizational diagnostic

  • Evaluation and impact

  • Non profit market research

  • Mergers and collaborations

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Marketing and Communication

  • Effective Fundraising and sustainability

  • Interim ED program

  • Information Technology

  • Accelerator program

  • Training and Events

  • Facilitations

  • Non profit case studies

  • General support

  • Risk Management