How Kikwiyakare Global Initiative works with companies

Kikwiyakare Global Initiative works with companies in a variety of ways and values the great importance of developing partnerships that are mutually beneficial. Our partners show great commitment to integrating responsible business practice into their core business strategy.


Long-term strategic partnerships

Sustainable strategic partnerships with Kikwiyakare Global Initiative  can take many different forms. The main aim of all the relationships is to pursue a set of agreed goals or to jointly meet a critical social need.


Kikwiyakare Global Initiative  seeks to agree long-term strategic partnerships with companies in order to bring together joint strategic resources such as products, communications channels, project funding, capital equipment, knowledge, expertise, or intellectual property and usually a combination of many of these, so that together we can positively impact the lives of children.


We aim for our strategic partnerships to be unique collaborations, where benefits to each partner from the alliance will be greater than those from individual efforts.


Innovative partnerships offer new solutions to development issues

As companies are usually at the forefront of research and development for products, systems and services, Kikwiyakare Global Initiative recognizes that companies can often be the most appropriate development partner to jointly find a solution to an existing development issue.


Global, national and local fundraising, marketing and communications partnerships

Your company can help Kikwiyakare Global Initiative achieve its mission through direct project investment. By supporting our work you will help us make a positive impact on children's lives.


As Kikwiyakare Global Initiative works developing countries, there's a high likelihood that we'll have a project that is relevant to your business, matches your sustainability needs and inspires your staff and customers.


All our programme countries will carry out in-depth situation analysis, planning, monitoring and evaluation, so we are able to provide accurate reports on the impact and effectiveness of your investment.

Skills transfer and employee engagement driven partnerships


Kikwiyakare Global Initiative  needs your help and expertise to further improve our organisation. Companies have a wealth of talented, experienced and knowledgeable staff that could use their skills to positively impact the lives of children.

Offering staff the opportunity to use their professional skills outside the workplace while remaining supported by the company can address your corporate social responsibility and gain a unique selling point