If you work for one of the thousands of companies with a matching gift program, your employer will match your donation to Kikwiyakare Global—dollar for dollar. Some corporations will even match your donation two or three to one!


Securing the match is easy.


Just follow these steps to make a positive difference in wilderness education

  • First, find out if your company matches employee donations. This benefit often applies to spouses and retirees, too. The best place to ask is probably in your human resources department.

  • Once you determine that a matching gift program exists, get a matching gift form from your employer. Again, the most likely place to find this is in the human resources department.

  • Fill out the form completely.

  • Send the form to Kikwiyakare Global according to your employer’s guidelines. Usually the form must accompany your donation.

  • We’ll take it from there.


In addition to the personal satisfaction that comes with increasing your gift to Kikwiyakare Global, you also receive credit for the entire donation in our annual donor recognition lists.