The Board of Trustees are responsible for the overall governance of Children Global Initiative  as specified in the Bylaws and specifically, in the areas of Children Global Initiative, statutory & legal compliance, financial oversight and approval of business plans towards building a strong and relevant organization. The Volunteer Representative is nominated to the Board through a process of elections among volunteer leaders across the USA and the worldwide.

The Board comprises of the following persons:


Jongole M. Kikwiyakare


As the President/CEO, he is the highest ranking executive manager in the organization who is a highly recognized,  versatile professional with an expertise and leadership in philanthropic program with a great wealth of knowledge in development work .

He is responsible for the successful leadership and management of the organization according to the strategic direction set by the Board of Trustees, administrative, operational, planning and development, program planning and management, human resource planning and management, financial planning and management, risk management, community outreach/advocacy, external relationship management, developing planned and corporate partnership. He has a master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Phoenix USA. He is employed by high profile national foundations, corporate philanthropies and non profit organizations that want to achieve big impact from voluntary, pro bono work, administrative up to executive management. He has extensive experience in public and social policy, international relations, strategic planning, partnership relationship between non profit and corporations, child development,  community engagement, conflict resolution, donor cultivation to solicitation, inclusion initiative for non profit and corporations, community engagement, fundraising.He is a philanthropic consultant, child advocate and an expert on global children issues. He advised a wide variety of organizations  and shaped their leadership, management, board development, training, budget, implementation, evaluation, projects planning and fundraising.

Susan Claire Leah

Neworking and Social Media Director

Susan Claire Leach is the Director of Networking and Social Media. Susan is student of Psychology at the diverse, up-and-coming Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York. Susan grew up travelling to places far away from where she was born in Virginia, USA.  Her family lived in such exotic locations as Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Pretoria, South Africa, and Brasilia, Brazil, as well as the east coast of the United States.  Susan credits her experience travelling overseas with bestowing upon her a tremendous love of people and children from all walks of life.  Since attending pre-school in Addis Ababa, Susan has had a love for the people of Africa, and a desire to help empower this beautiful continent.  Over the years, Susan has become involved in many projects aimed at improving the lives of those in need.  Some of the most memorable experiences include building homes for the needy in South Africa with Habitat for Humanity, and volunteering with an AIDS orphanage in Soweto, South Africa.  Susan participated with a group of students who raised donations to throw a Christmas party for children and mothers who have been affected by HIV-AIDS. Ever since these experiences, Susan has felt a strong need to serve the community and make the world a better place.  As part of the team at Children Global Initiative, Susan’s goal is to share the visions of the foundation with citizens, businesses, and organizations to create a powerful alliance in child advocacy. As the Director of Social Media and Networking, Susan will use enthusiasm and compassion as the best tools to unite individuals for a common purpose.

Leslie Ader

Director of Policy and Advocacy

Leslie is the Director of Policy and Advocacy, Kikwiyakare Children Global Initiative. She operate in advisory roles and is concerned with the guiding rules and principles of the foundation. Reviewing, developing, and implementing policies and strategies, planning, research, advocacy, communications and stakeholders relations, operations and team support for their assigned area.


Leslie Exhibit exceptional talent, experience in policy work. She is a graduate of Arcadia University’s Master of Arts in International Peace Conflict Resolution program. She has a special concentration in Human Rights and Democratic-Inclusive Governance, specifically in ethnically deeply divided societies in post conflict areas that ranges from Western Europe to former Soviet spheres and the Middle East.


She is extensively experience in writing public policy, evaluation and monitoring the statuses of NGOs and IGOs in: Russia-Eurasia, Middle East in both Eastern and Western Europe.


Her  main focus areas of research development consist of: civil society capacity building, minority groups political and civil rights (specially speech and press), language rights, cultural-historical rights, advocacy and sustainable development. Russian and European History have always fascinated me as a child just as much as the mysterious of the Levant and Middle East.  . 

Eric Dorien


Eric Dorien is a Co-Founder of Mass Mosaic, a powerful tool which builds, connects and unlock the world. He has wide experiences in playing active role to change the world and social network expert.

Gilbert Chimphamba

Ireland Director

Gilbert is a management Engineer and a founder of Bertwise Technologies. He has a wide range of experience in philanthropy. He is the Ireland Director for Children Global Initiative

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Advisory Board members are ambassadors and advisors that assist with strategic growth plans of Children Global Initiative, specially in the areas of fundraising from high net worth individuals, media outreach & technical guidance on finance & statutory compliances. Children Global Initiative looks for Advisors in the areas of financial & statutory compliance, fundraising & brand building, corporate/ business leaders, media spokespersons and child development experts. Advisory Board members are not responsible for policies & statutory compliance. They serve in volunteer positions in salient geographic locations for a 2 year term.


The Advisory Board selection, induction & quarterly planning & review meetings with individual members are led by Kikwiyakare Moses



The Executive Committee provides collective leadership, direction and guidance to Children Global Initiative at the national level. It is responsible for:

(i) Upholding and internalizing Children Global Initiative’s mission, values and objectives.
(ii) Developing and executing plans to achieve Children Global Initiative’s goals.
(iii) Retaining our current supporter base and increasing the base of supporters across all functions.
(iv) Accountability of Children Global Initiative’s operations and resources towards making the organization more efficient and effective.


Each Action Center (AC) Leader heads up a local Chapter of Children Global Initiative. AC Leaders are responsible for building the volunteer base, organizing events and promoting children's issues in their local community. AC Leaders  are also part of the AC Leaders Collective, which is responsible for planning and reviewing AC activities and plans. The AC Collective is led by the National Volunteer Leader.


It teleconferences once a month and has its own yahoo group. Contact your nearest Action Center for volunteering opportunities